Try the following exercises a few times WITHOUT LISTENING TO THE AUDIO.

  1. Chant the song as a Rhythm Practice exercise.  Read the music notation and chant the rhythm of the song out loud, chanting only the G note:  Too/Too, Too/Too, Too, Rest  |  Too/Too, Too/Too, Too, Rest  |

  2. Practice the song silently.  Read the music notation and play all the notes on Coda, but don’t blow into the mouthpiece.  Instead, just chant the rhythms in your head as you place your fingers in the correct positions.  

Repeat each of the following steps a number of times:

  1. Listen to the Rain is Falling Down audio while you read the music notation.

  2. Listen, read, tap your foot, and sing along.

  3. Guided only by the music notation (without the audio), play the song on Coda — very slowly at first!

  4. When you’re ready, play Coda along with the audio. 

Next, go on to Frog in the Millpond.   As you learn new songs, remember to also practice the old ones.

Rain is Falling Down