1. Listen to the audio a few times and follow the music notation with your eyes.

  2. While listening to the audio and reading the music notation, tap your foot to the beat and sing along (“Too, Too, Too…”).

  3. Without the audio, play the song on Coda, very slowly at first, reading the music notation. 

  4. When ready, play along with the audio.

Describe how long the following notes last:  quarter note;  half note;  eighth note;  whole note.

Point to a few bar lines in Pitter Patter.   Point to a few measures.   How many beats are in each measure?

What is the time signature for Pitter Patter?   What does that mean? 

Point to the one and only breath mark in Pitter Patter.  

How many measures does the heartless arranger make you play before he lets you take your first breath?
(Note:  breath marks are suggestions, not commands.😀)

The next song in Unit 1 is Fly, Tiny Bug.

Pitter Patter