Repeat each of the following steps a number of times:

  1. Listen to the Hop, Old Squirrel audio while following the music notation with your eyes.

  2. While listening to the audio and reading the music notation, tap your foot to the beat and sing along.

    For example, whisper the count off, “One, Two, Three, Four,” and whisper the word “Rest” each time a quarter rest appears, but sing each note, “Too,” in the same pitch as the recording. 

  3. Without the audio, play the song on Coda by reading the music notation.   Play very slowly at first!  Remember to tongue each note:  “Too, Too, Too, Too/Too…”

  4. When you’re ready, read the music notation and play Coda along with the audio. 

Next, go on to the song called Closet Key.

Hop, Old Squirrel