How Do I Properly Install My Coda Silencers?

As shown in the picture above, insert the wide-legged Silencer into the larger D-shaped window. The orange pad should point toward Coda’s mouthpiece. Push the Silencer all the way forward toward the mouthpiece.

Then, in the same way, insert the narrow-legged Silencer into the smaller D-shaped window.

Where Do I Keep My Coda Silencers When Not in Use?

The Silencers store securely in the specially-designed ribs on the back of Coda, so you are always ready for a little discrete practice.

To store them properly, press the narrow-legged Silencer into the ribs first, and the wider-legged Silencer second.

When Would I Use My Coda Silencers?

Whenever you want to practice, but…

  • you don’t want to bother anyone
  • you feel shy about practicing with an audience
  • you need to practice a tricky passage over and over…

The Silencers are so quiet that you can practice Coda without disturbing a person who is speaking on the phone nearby. Also, you won’t wake anyone sleeping in the next room. And it’s great fun to be able to practice on the road in a lonely hotel room, or even on break at work.

In practical terms, the Silencers tend to work best for practicing with written music, or when you have already learned the bare bones of a tune and want to practice it (or a phrase) over and over without bugging anyone.

What Does Coda Sound Like with the Silencers Installed?

It sounds like musical air, or a musical whisper. But the silencers are strictly for practice and not for performing. In fact, your friends will be completely unimpressed with the barely audible airy sound.

Expect to have a little trouble distinguishing the whispery notes at first. However, once you get used to using the Silencers, you’ll probably find that they allow you to fit in practice when you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to.

So… while certainly not a replacement for UNsilenced playing, practicing with the Silencers is surprisingly productive. It’s also a lot of fun, and it helps you to gain awareness of how blowing pressure affects tuning.

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