Wow! Seriously? You actually clicked on this link! So just what is this page all about?

Years of seriously challenging labor have gone into developing Coda EDC Flutes: full-fledged flutes that you can take anywhere. To keep moving forward despite a seemingly endless string of challenges, you need unflagging perseverance … and a healthy sense of humor.

We developed the Seriously? page to share some of our wackier Coda-inspired images that might be a little questionable for a serious website.

Anyway, hope one or two makes you chuckle. We sure had fun creating them!

By the way, I wish you all the best as you struggle with the challenges of COVID-19.  It’s certainly a time to practice kindness in every way we can think of to encourage those around us.

–Karl Ahrens

Note: I know you love your phone, but you may enjoy these more on a larger screen.

By the way, people ask us, “Why all the bears?”  Good question!   Next question?

Here are a few more NON-comical images…
(So wipe that smile off your face!)

Other Coda Players?