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Coda Miners
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While Coda is an instrument that almost anyone can learn to play, I didn’t design it as a child’s learning instrument.

I have nothing against kids.  (Some of my best friends were kids when I was a kid 🙂.)  As a loving parent, I fully support youth involvement in music.  And I’m thankful to have played the saxophone for several years during my school days.

However, when I left home at 18, my saxophone stayed behind.  At some point, I really started to miss making music.  A lot!  But I struggled to make it fit into my busy adult life.

That’s why I’ve designed Coda EDC Flutes with the needs of adult musicians in mind.  I wanted an instrument worthy of serious dedication, but it also had to be tiny, tough, and portable — something that I could keep on me and play whenever.

If that’s what you are looking for, then perhaps Coda is for you, whatever your age.