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An extensive and beautiful collection of traditional songs, featuring a unique approach:

Since we include each song in many different keys, from easier to more difficult, this book doesn’t just give you a wonderful repertoire of songs.

It also provides…

  • engaging and productive practice
  • a fast track to mastering sharps & flats and playing confidently in different keys
  • abundant practice learning to play fluidly across Coda’s entire 2 octave range
  • greater ease for collaborating with other musicians
  • a fun way to absorb a lot of music theory (without really trying🙂)

In addition, you’ll notice a PLAY BUTTON to the left of each song’s title, which will take you to an audio recording of that song. These audios make it much easier to play songs that are new to you, and they are great for playing along with. To brush up on your music-reading skills, try reading the written notes while you listen to the audio.

Those of you who are new Coda players will probably want to start with some of our other free Learning Resources before you jump into the 300 Folk Songs… book:

If you’ve purchased a Coda EDC Flute…

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