Tips (for newbies)

These TIPS are for you if you are just getting started with Coda EDC Flutes.  They guide you to resources we’ve created to help you on your exciting new musical journey.

Before you play Coda for the 1st time, watch these 2 videos.

Coda Silencers let you practice silently anytime…

What songs should you play to get started?

  • We suggest that even experienced musicians should start with the following very simple songs because they’ll help you quickly learn to cover both sides of the bisected toneholes.
  • 1st, try at least a few songs on the pamphlet included with your Coda called Fingering Charts & Songs to Get Started.
  • 2nd, the Coda Book has a progression of practice songs and scales that take you from simpler to more challenging.  In fact, the book contains a wealth of beautiful songs — enough to keep you busy for a long time!

What if you don’t read music or are very rusty?

  • Please visit to find our Self-learning Music Curriculum.
  • Learning to read music is not as hard as you may think, and it opens up a world of musical opportunities!
  • The SMC guides you step-by-step from playing your first notes to where you can confidently read from a book of folk songs, hymns, etc.
  • Note: we’re improving and expanding the SMC all the time.  Thank you for your patience!
  • Finally, for an engaging, efficient way to learn all the notes on the musical staff, download and print our free Note Naming Flashcards.

Where can you find Fingering Charts?

(These show which holes to cover to play each note.)

  • On the Fingering Charts & Songs to Get Started pamphlet AND on the handy wallet-sized business-card fingering charts included with your Coda.
  • AND on the last page of the Coda Book AND HERE.

For additional practice…

  • Try the Carols, which are fantastic for learning purposes because you already know many of the melodies! Presented in 6 to 10 keys, from easier to more challenging, these give you lots of practice on all the sharps and flats.
  • Or the 29 Japanese Folksongs, also in 6 to 10 keys each, and the 5 easiest songs have tabs showing you which holes to cover to play each note.

Alternate Fingerings or Additional Low Notes?

In the future, when you are more confident and comfortable playing Coda, you can learn more about these on page 50 of the Coda Book.

How do you clean and care for Coda?

Coda is very carefree! You can find more information HERE.

To see how some players clean Coda, click HERE.  (Note: this method is not officially sanctioned by Coda EDC Flutes or its affiliates.🙂)

If you have other questions…

Be sure to check out our helpful FAQ!   (For example, Is my Coda out of tune?)  Or you can email us any questions that you might have. We love to help!

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