1. Listen to the audio a few times and follow the music notation with your eyes.

  2. While listening to the audio and reading the music notation, tap your foot to the beat and sing along (“Too, Too, Too…”).

  3. Without the audio, play the song on Coda by following the music notation.  Play very slowly at first!  Remember to tongue each note.

  4. When you’re ready, try playing Coda along with the audio, following the music notation with your eyes.

Play Au Clair de Lune on Coda while reading the music notation, but challenge yourself not to look down at the fingering diagrams.   Play as slowly as you need to.

Play Hot Cross Buns and Au Clair de Lune by heart.  (“By heart” means without looking at the music notation.)

The next song in Unit 1 is Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Au Clair de Lune