1. Listen to the audio a few times and follow the music notation with your eyes.

  2. While listening to the audio and reading the music notation, tap your foot to the beat and sing along (“Too, Too, Too…”).

  3. Without the audio, play the song on Coda, very slowly at first, reading the music notation. 

  4. When ready, play along with the audio.

Remember to play notes for their full duration.  For example, a whole note should last 4 beats and a half note should last two beats, but beginners often cut the notes short.

With that said, the following symbol is called a breath mark:  𝄒

A breath mark indicates a convenient place to take a breath.  In order to do so, you have to steal a tiny bit of time from the last note before the breath mark.  Quickly inhale a full breath through your mouth, not your nose, expanding your stomach area rather than your chest area.

Point to the breath marks in Mary Had a Little Lamb.  How many breath marks are there?

The next song in Unit 1 is Sou Gan.

Mary Had a Little Lamb