Is Coda an easy instrument to learn?

The Foreign Service Institute ranks foreign languages based on the average time it takes native English speakers to reach “Professional Working Proficiency.”  They have found that it takes much less time to attain that level of proficiency in Spanish than it does in Japanese.  (Keep in mind that learning depends on many factors, such as interest, time, dedication, learning methods…)  

Similarly, every musical instrument has a learning curve.  Some instruments take less time to get up and running than others.  I think of this as functional proficiency.  How long does it take before you are ready to play songs for others, before you can make music that you are proud to share?

In this context, Coda EDC Flutes have several attributes that make them relatively easy to learn compared to most musical instruments. 

For example, beginners will likely play simple songs –like “Hot Cross Buns,” etc.– from their first session.  And you’ll progress MUCH faster on Coda than you would on, say, a trumpet, saxophone, or flute. 

If you’re already an active musician, you’ll get rolling on Coda surprisingly fast.  

Of course, Coda’s sound (your sound) will improve dramatically over time, growing ever more beautiful as you gradually master the nuances of proper breath control and technique.  As with any serious musical instrument, you could spend a lifetime growing and improving your skills.

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