How durable are Coda EDC Flutes?

We mold the components for our Coda EDC Flutes in the USA using a tough, precision-molding, food safe, medical-grade plastic.  Here in Connecticut, we carefully assemble them ourselves (using both adhesive and ultrasonic welding) and perform our other secondary operations.

(By the way, since COVID-19 has people asking about this, you can disinfect your flute by wiping it with isopropyl alcohol.  Alcohol will not hurt Coda.  We’ve already done this to each and every Coda before we ship one to you.)

Coda only weighs 2.4 ounces and is very tough.  For instance, I have mine on me ALL THE TIME, clipped to my left front pants pocket while working, hiking, running, going to the grocery store…  I play Coda out in the woods, up in the mountains, etc., virtually every day, in sunshine or rain, in summer heat or freezing cold.  Although it appears slightly polished from much handling, my well-used Coda looks great.   

During the testing phase, I literally threw dozens of Codas against a concrete shop floor over and over to try to break them.  After hard impact on concrete, they’d often get little dents but still play fine.  It really took some work to get one to fail. 

Unlike most instruments, even most portable ones, Coda is designed to bring along and play wherever you go.  You don’t have to baby it!

Below, I have included part of our guarantee.  (We also have a 70-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.)

365-Day Guarantee

Since Coda is an everyday carry flute, we want you to feel confident about bringing it with you through life.  Therefore, we also provide a 365-day replacement guarantee against ACCIDENTAL breakage (i.e., not on purpose) if you buy directly from  If within those 365 days, your Coda is accidentally damaged in such a way that it no longer plays correctly, we will replace it free of charge.

–Karl Ahrens