Who did I design Coda for?

(Or For Whom Did I Design Coda?🙂)  

In a nutshell: Mature Musicians Missing Making Music

I designed Coda to be an instrument worthy of serious dedication but also tiny and durable enough to fit into a busy adult’s life.  So…

             Maybe you played an instrument as a kid, but it fell by the wayside when you left the nest.  Now you miss it. 

             Maybe you always longed to play an instrument, but somehow it never worked out. 

             Maybe you currently play one or more instruments, but you can only play at certain times and in a specific room. 

             Maybe you’d like an instrument to bring along when you head out into the wild. 

             Maybe you’d like to compose when inspiration hits you and not only when you’re seated in front of a keyboard.

             Maybe you’d just love the freedom to play wherever you are, whenever you have a minute.  

If any of that is what you are looking for, then perhaps Coda is for you, whatever your age.

(Pssst!  A big challenge for many musicians is how to practice on the hush-hush — without bothering others.  Coda Silencers let you practice quietly.)