What does Coda sound like?

In other words, is Coda the kind of instrument that you will feel proud to play in front of others?

Yes!  And no!

As I’m out in the world playing Coda, people have spontaneously come up to me to express just how beautiful it sounds.  There have even been rounds of applause from total strangers.  Friends have had similar experiences.  (There is nothing quite like the haunting sound of a flute wafting on a summer breeze.)

BUT will Coda sound beautiful the first time you play it?  Well, not likely.  Let’s say that you have never played a violin, and I lend you my priceless Stradivarius.  (No problem!  I have 6 of ‘em up in the attic.😉) With eager anticipation, you carefully draw the bow across the strings:  “Scr-e-e-e-e-ch!”  

Is there something wrong with the violin?  No.  In experienced hands, it would sound beautiful.  You just need some time and practice before you unlock the beauty trapped within the instrument.  Most instruments are like that. 

The good news is that you will get up and running on Coda MUCH faster than on many instruments like the guitar, saxophone, clarinet, concert flute, etc.

But keep this in mind.  Even though you’ll be able to play simple songs on Coda right from the start, your sound will improve dramatically over time, growing richer, clearer, and more beautiful as you master the nuances of proper breath control and technique.

Here are some Coda sound samples:

The Star-Spangled Banner
The Shady Woods of Truagh

To hear more performances on Coda EDC Flutes, visit our youtube channel.