Is Coda useful for composing?


Since you’ll have Coda with you at times and in places where there’s no sheet music in sight, you’ll likely wind up learning to play by ear, if you haven’t already.  

After that, you naturally start improvising, making up your own music on the fly, which is a wonderful way to relax.  From improvisation, new songs flow, and you can jot down the notes as you go.

For example, you’re trying to keep yourself awake on a road trip, so you start to improvise vocally.  You sing a phrase or make up a tune that really grabs you, so you record it into your phone.  Of course, the hope is that maybe you’ll get around to transcribing the tune on your piano some day, if you remember.  But what if you could pull over right then and there and pick that tune out on Coda before you lose the inspiration, the excitement, the energy!  Don’t wait!  Jot it down right away on the back of an old receipt or in your pocket notebook.  And boom!  You’ve made a giant leap forward toward a finished creation.

Great ideas come to us.  Remembering them –capturing them before they flit away– is the challenge.  Completely portable with a range of more than two chromatic octaves, Coda can help.