Is Coda too expensive?

Maybe it is. If something isn’t that valuable to you, then it definitely costs too much! But…

Here’s another perspective on price.

We are a small family-owned business that has made many sacrifices to develop and produce our own unique products here in the USA.  Unfortunately, we don’t yet benefit from the economies of scale enjoyed by large corporations.  (And obviously, many goods sold in the US are produced in immense factories overseas.)

And here’s a small taste of some startup costs you might not think about.

What is the cost of…

…a man working tirelessly for years to develop an innovative new product, making hundreds of prototypes, while receiving no income for his labor?

…all the sacrifices his supportive family has made along the way?

…working for a friend on many a weekend in exchange for that friend’s help as a CAD designer?

…countless hours investigating and testing various production methods to make Coda a reality?

…working with a professional mold designer over a year’s time?

…investing a great deal of time and money into building quality injection molding equipment (here in America) to make the new product tough, light, and more affordable to customers?  (Before those major investments, Coda was going to be far more expensive than at present.)

….yet another year tweaking those injection molds, while also investing lots more time and money purchasing and optimizing expensive ultrasonic welding horns, fixtures, and an ultrasonic welding machine, before you could sell your first instrument?

…developing all sorts of support materials to help your new customers be successful?

…getting the word out to folks that your unknown invention even exists?

…faithfully paying the people you work with even when you yourself invest all your earnings back into the company and its services, despite working more-than-full-time hours?

…consistently choosing quality over economy?

If Coda had already existed, I would have simply purchased it from whoever made it and never started down this long road.  With that said, developing Coda has been worth it to me!  I’m thankful to be out in the woods –and all sorts of other places– playing my dream instrument everyday.  It’s also gratifying to interact with and to support many of you who now also enjoy playing Coda.

So, it has been worth it to me, but will it ever pay off?  Stayed tuned!  Things look promising, and I sure hope so, but that remains to be seen.  Especially in these uncertain times…

–Karl Ahrens
Coda EDC Flutes

P.S. If you think the base model is expensive, check this out: 🙂