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Author Topic: Found a solid way to carry the flute...  (Read 107 times)


Found a solid way to carry the flute...
« on: August 06, 2019, 10:48:55 am »
I've been using the clip, and still finding it slides off at random times.  Not a big issue, but it caused me to tinker.

I finally found the best way to carry it.  All it takes is a simple stretchy hair tie.

So I take the hair tie, loop it around a belt loop and through itself.  Then I just hook the Coda to it. 

That's it.

It attaches and detaches with an audible click, and has just enough dangle and give to not pop loose when moving around.  Sitting doesn't even cause it to slide up off the belt. 

I'm sure it could be done with a leather thong as well, but mine was a quick solution.

Enjoy your day!