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  • Freedom to play:  A tiny, tough, light flute allows you to experience the joys of playing in places and situations where you wouldn’t bring most instruments, especially out in nature.
  • Rapid mastery: Take advantage of Coda’s portability to play in frequent short sessions, even for just a minute or two. You’ll be surprised by your progress!
  • Playing by ear: Since you’ll often have Coda with you when written music is not available, you’ll naturally tend to get good at playing by ear. It happens like this: Coda is with you, and you think of a song, so you try to play it. The more you do this, the better you become. (As an exercise, after you learn a new song in this book, try playing it s-l-o-w-l-y, without looking at the music, perhaps while walking around or in a different location.)
  • Composing on the go: Coda is a song writer’s friend. There’s no need to wait until you get home so you can work out new melodies on, say, a piano. With Coda, just pull off the road or step off the trail to record musical ideas into your phone. As mentioned earlier, you’ll find yourself playing Coda when there’s no written music around to demand your attention, so it’s only natural to improvise and experiment. Creativity flourishes when you play in this relaxed, unfocused state.

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Coda is a full-fledged EDC flute. It’s also a dream I’ve been doggedly pursuing for several years now, through many iterations, scores of prototypes, countless challenges, and unimagined setbacks.

– Karl Ahrens.

There are so many wonderful instruments that you could play (and perhaps do play). Where does Coda fit in? Well, I designed Coda to be an outstanding musical companion. Coda can be there for you even when all the other instruments have stayed home.

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